Friday, January 08, 2016

Liberal Theology, The Problem of Evil

The Liberal Theology of Gun Control - WSJ:

I'm getting pretty sick of this latest round of the endless gun control debate, but the linked article does a good job of pointing out how liberal theology makes sense -- to liberals. In the bigger context of how liberals think, this really does make sense.

First, liberals don't believe that there are evil people:
Put simply, today’s liberalism cannot deal with the reality of evil. So liberals inveigh against the instruments the evil use rather than the evil that motivates them.
Not criminals, not terrorists, not even the USSR in the cold war was evil. No doubt anyone who "seems evil" (with the exception of conservatives) had bad childhoods, people treated them unfairly, or they just lacked "the proper education". Liberals are CERTAIN that with just a wee bit more "education", they can fix ANYTHING! The following paragraph is in reference to liberal views on Reagan as he tried to end the USSR rather than do what the left wanted ... sign another fake "arms control" agreement:
Two things especially irked them: He’d called the U.S.S.R. the Evil Empire, and he was skeptical about arms control for the sake of arms control.
Liberals are fine with communism, crime, or even (amazingly) islamic extremism. They LOVE to "do things" though -- and "arms control" and "gun control" are the kind of thing they LOVE to do. They are things that tend to be counterproductive, but that is more than fine with liberals!
Bad regimes are like bad guys in this respect. They’ll take a deal they know has no teeth. But they will accept a genuine arms reduction only when the good guys put them in a position where they have little or no choice. 
This helps explain why, for example, Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi turned over his entire nuclear program to George W. Bush—and why the Iranians happily agreed to a deal with President Obama that puts them on the path to a bomb. 
Meanwhile, we’ve just endured what may be the first successful ISIS-inspired attack on the homeland. And like her former boss, Hillary Clinton is demanding the government “take action now” on guns.
It isn't like those of us with a memory don't recall other "nuke deals" that we were told were just peachy and ended up going "boom" ... like BIG BOOM as in H-bomb! Here is old Slick talking like a true Clinton in '94 ... why is it that we conservatives are skeptics on what liberals say???

"Liberal" is about ending things like "the Constitutions" and replacing them with a totalitarian central government. That government may be communist, criminal, or even Islamic ... "liberals" are actually VERY LIBERAL on that issue! It is the POWER that they demand -- how it gets in their hands is "just mechanism".

In the meantime, they are fine with North Korea and Iran having nukes as well as terrorists and criminals having guns. They really aren't stupid, they are aware that terrorists and criminals don't follow laws, and bad regimes don't honor "agreements". Taking YOUR guns and de-stabilizing the nation and world plays into their hands, so they are all for it, and they will use any propaganda they feel will work to reach their goals. They never claimed to believe in anything other than power -- certainly not "truth" which is defined to be "whatever they say it is".

They do FIRMLY believe the last vestiges of the US and western civilization must be destroyed by ANY MEANS, because they are CERTAIN that once they start all over, they will definitely build utopia!

Utopia, "heaven on earth" is the end that justifies all means.

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