Thursday, January 14, 2016

Liberalism, WASPism, Pair O Docks

Doctrinaire Liberalism: Paradoxes:

Fishing along, having a brew on a sunny day and observing with a philosophical tone "Oh! Look!  THAT is what Nietzsche meant by a "Pair O Docks"! (paradox) ... I'm so intelligently humorous it is simply amazing!

Well, I'm still not smart enough to be a Liberal, so there is that.

The linked article is worth the time, it points out what I regularly do, that "morality" is "whatever the dominant liberal elite decides it is" -- but these days there are a lot of protected non-violent Muslims raping young women or blowing stuff up, which we know has NOTHING to do with Islam, and as the article does a good job of enumerating, the list of such paradoxes is very long.

It seems that the fact that man has GOT to believe in SOMETHING, and that only works if at least the vast bulk of people take that something to be "divine,  eternal, omniscient, etc" is very much coming home to roost.

In the Christian age in the US, the dominant culture was "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant". In the post-christian age, that mantle is "liberalism/progressivism".  Problem is, "WASP" had CHRISTIAN and WESTERN (as in EUROPEAN) written all over it, and they had a pretty solid track record  -- it was the "Divine Right of Kings" passed down through "endowed by their Creator" on the way to making a nation sacred, and exceptional.

Our current foes in Islam, Putin or China have no trouble believing in their divine, historical, philosophical, etc exceptionalism and mandate to rule.

We however seem to have gotten lost somewhere between the martini and the joint (marijuana) and now discover that while the old WASPism was replete with privilege, boorishness, hypocrisy, etc, the  new liberal country club seems to be populated with the same sorts of issues ...
In truth, party-line, elite liberalism is mostly about careerism and embracing a loud ideology that trumps every other progressive and identity-politics agenda. Politically correct leftism is a career investment — a sort of insurance that indemnifies one against every sin, from carbon-spewing travel and politically incorrect gaffes to Wall Street profiteering and 1950s-style sexual loutishness. To borrow from Tolkien, the assertion of leftism is the “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.” 
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