Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MPR On Marx, Corporations, Politics

Why are 2016 voters so angry and anxious? | Minnesota Public Radio News:

Got to hear part of this this on MPR yesterday. The part I heard is near my bottom point's summary ... I bolded it.

MPR/NPR often do a pretty good job of covering "both the Left and the FAR Left" ... or in terms of "Blues Brothers",  ALL KINDS, we got BOTH your Country AND your Western!

I especially liked the references to Marx -- if Sanders gets elected, that book author guest might be in the administration. I wonder if "The Communist Manifesto" will be required reading in middle school in the Sanders Regime?

I wrote down some of the high points, little fragmented because I was only going to listen to this tripe once through or my brain might rot and run out my ears. My comments are mostly in parens ... but it is hard not to get a little irreverent of National Socialist Radio at times!
  • Voters entirely helpless because the government is only operated by large corporations and the wealthy. (like Hillary?) 
  • Tax rate under Eisenhower ... 90% tax rate. (You have to listen to NPR to believe that somebody PAID that rate!) 
  • Somebody making a billion dollars now is paying the mere 39% tax rate like somebody making $250K and struggling!  
  • Republicans appeals to uneducated whites racism to get them to vote against their economic interests. 
  • Some 60% of uneducated whites think there is discrimination against whites. (they are wrong of course!) 
  • Now working class whites are less than 50% of the population ... they need to get used to it. 
  • Working class whites have "nostalgia" ... the idea that we can go back AT ALL. ("progressives" ALWAYS go forward. No chance that this < 50% group will get power back)
  • The upside of the "great recession" is that middle class whites were hurt now realize that the only way to deal with this is 
  • 90% of the recovery went to top 1% of the Americans. This happened during BO's administration because "he couldn't get all he wanted to do done!" ... not his fault, damned Republicans! 
  • BO was no FDR, only an "Eisenhower". He didn't CHANGE IT! (not his fault, damed Rs!) 
  • "people don't have career paths" ... jobs are part time, no benefits, people need to work three jobs. (you might think we had two terms of an R in power, but nope ... it is the fault of CONGRESS!!!) 
  • BS is talking about "what's fair" 
  • "Until we have fair clean elections, where poor and black voters are no longer suppressed for voting for Democrats" 
  • "The root of the evil is campaign money ... my first act as president would be to take the $6 Billion subsidy that we give to oil companies and fully fund our elections" 
  • President Obama HAD the potential to get the special interests out -- until he ran into the special interests and poor BO looked "shell shocked" after a few months. (note, this was with a big majority in the house and 60 votes in the Senate!) 
  • "There is only so much BO can do because of GLOBAL CAPITALISM ... our government is limited in what it can do. Trump wants us to be a "global bully". Even if we had total control in THIS country, we would still need to stop GLOBAL CAPITALISM! 
  • "When I was in college I read a lot of Karl Marx, lots of things he was right about ... there will come a day when national boundaries don't matter because of multinational corporations ..." 
  • Out problems are lack of unions ... those DAMNED large multinational corporations!! 
  • This all started under Reagan ... the illusion of deregulation, all covered in "Inside Job" ... need to incarcerate more bankers! The problem is not enough regulation! 
  • In 2015 you have 72% of people saying the country is still in recession (not a poll that you hear very much!) They of course said that BO was right about the recovery ... yet another case where 72% of our public is wrong. 
Just a little sampling of the sort of bilge that I force myself to be aware of. To THINK, people of sound mind and reason are FORCED to pay for this through government, including a portion of a Constitutionally mandated sales tax here in MN!

We actually didn't beat the Nazi's and the Communists, WE JOINED THEM!

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