Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Palin, Trump, Hillary

Defending Sarah Palin's Endorsement of Donald Trump:

Not very long and worth reading if you ever liked Palin at all.

If it was Palin vs Hillary today, I wouldn't even blink an eye voting for Sarah. She isn't being investigated by the FBI, she has a human personality, she actually was a Governor, her marriage is like "Love Story" in comparison to Hildebeast's, and she knows how to shoot. AFAIK, her husband hasn't raped anyone, and of things that you can be metaphysically certain of, I think we can of that! If they could even find a girl from Jr High that said he "he kissed her too hard" we WOULD have heard about it -- IN DETAIL!!!

Yes, Palin has tried to make some money from her fame and we are supposed to be angry about that -- and completely unconcerned by the Clinton's greater than $100M acquired after they were "flat broke" leaving the White House.

Yes, Sarah has said some incoherent things in speeches and once said that "she could see Russia from her house" -- but Hillary stated she is named after Sir Edmund Hillary who was unknown when she was born, and she has assured us that there was "nothing classified on her private server", even though we now know that was massively either an "error" or a "lie".

The MSM did all they could to turn Sarah Palin into a laughing stock, just as each day they do all they can to cover for Hillary. The MSM hates Palin and loves Hillary -- that is enough for me to at least have significant respect for Palin.

Does her endorsement of Trump affect me? No. But neither am I going to see it as some sort of new reason to jeer and cat-call at her. There is no shortage of negative media attention to Sarah even though she is largely irrelevant at this point --  for the vast percentage of the public, the MSM accomplished their task with her.

We could use just a wisp of MSM concern for the Hildebeast -- for they are certainly intent to "accomplish their task" with her as well, and see her in the White House!

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