Saturday, January 30, 2016

Propagandizing the German Holocaust

As a Holocaust Survivor, I Know This Small Action Is the True Antidote to Hate:

Articles like the linked are a sad commentary on the acceptance of ideology and propaganda in the US today. If we want to prevent a holocaust of the racial sort that happened with Hitler, the FIRST thing is to prevent the rise of totalitarian government. Totalitarianism KILLS!

Especially Socialism as in National Socialism or Nazi, and  Communism. These are the ideologies that killed over 100 million people in the 20th century including 6 million Jews.

In order to understand totalitarianism, you must understand that corruption of language is one of it's chief weapons. (what part of "total" is it that you missed?). By controlling language, thought itself is controlled, thus allowing evil to parade in plain sight calling itself "good". The greatest single piece of evidence for that is the appropriation of "left" to essentially mean "good, progress, benevolence, care, etc", and "right" to mean "evil, Hitler, backward, hatred".

This ideological language and thought control is an "inversion", one of the key elements of totalitarianism that I recently covered here.

Ideologues are masters of indirection of all types -- "someone else" is always "the danger", so the article maliciously attempts to smear  anyone against open borders into a "Nazi", while an avowed socialist is running for president!

In order to kill millions, you need to dehumanize your targets and devalue life. We already have killed over 58 MILLION babies, so we are WAY ahead of the old National Socialists on that front. To a totalitarian, is it "better" when you kill 58 million indiscriminately than killing 6 million mostly on the basis of race (although not entirely ... Gypsies, gays and others were also killed in Germany).

Apparently so -- in fact, wanting to control borders is worthy of a cautionary article in the Huffpo, while the left-control oriented media yips joyously for 1st amendment rights being turned into criminal behavior when the abortion butchers are exposed selling baby parts over wine and salad.

Government power in the US is already being used to prosecute it's "enemies" as in Wisconsin attacking Walker supporters, against Exxon in NY, the IRS attacking the Tea Party, etc

Ultimately, the only way to keep what happened in Nazi Germany from fully happening here is to defend the 2nd Amendment to the DEATH!

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