Friday, January 08, 2016

Slick Willie Rape, Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

The rape allegation against Bill Clinton, explained - Vox:

A rather longish article from the progressive site Vox that essentially ends up at the obvious -- if you are going to take rape accusers seriously as Hillary and others have said, you would be FORCED to take Juanita Broadderick seriously.
But whatever the merits of that view, adopting it would be a big pivot for Hillary Clinton, given that just a couple of months ago she was tweeting, "Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported." There's no easy way to reconcile that view with her allies' dismissal of Broaddrick's allegations.
Such a thing must be like "intellectual rape" for "The Party" (TP-D), because they are the ones that USE force ... not the ones who are forced to face any truth, reality or reason! They are the definers of what we ought all think, and what they demand that we think includes massive inconsistency by design. They want it that way, and we all need to remember the immortal words from "Animal Farm" since their meaning is now regularly and obviously on display here in what used to be America.

"All animals are equal. Some animals are more equal than others!".

Obviously, Slick Willie is a "more equal animal" -- than say, Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby was ONCE in the same class as Slick Willie ... he was a famous black who was assumed to be liberal, so whatever his sins may have been, they were to be ignored -- and were.

But he fell from grace -- in pain over the massive killings of young black men and the wanton looting and lawlessness of those of his race in riots and violence, he raised his voice. He demanded that blacks take responsibility for their actions, and in the left religion, that is grievous SIN! Blacks are to be slaves on TP Plantation -- it is their role! For some uppity black like Cosby to have the gall to question the ruling of TP is a sin that must be punished!

Those on the right may be accused by "anonymous sources" and that is considered a "serious matter".  On the left, the aggreived can come forward, be known, submit testimony, and it is STILL ignored as "not important".

Some animals are more equal than others.

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