Monday, January 18, 2016

Strib MinnesotaCare

MinnesotaCare was great, until the invoices dried up -

One can't expect a lefty leaning person to really learn from experience, but if a corporation provided service this bad the Star Trib would almost certainly be demanding lawsuits, government action, etc.

Of course MinnesoataCare **IS** the government, and "they are here to help" ... but you would never know it from the phone exchange below (there is more in the top linked article):

I called often but the result was always the same: “We’re experiencing a high rate of calls. Please call again later.” **Click**. 
I was foiled online as well, my MNsure account disabled by the usual cyberscape bouncer, System Administrator. On rare occasions I pierced the cones of silence that hung over their help desks. “Wait! I’m here!” I croaked. My throat dusty, forming words like a Bedouin straggling in from the Sahara. “I have copies of checks … Tax info …“They don’t match our records,” said the voice. 
“How can you have records if you don’t send us invoices?” 
“Mail in your payments anyway, without the invoice,” said the voice. 
“I tried that, you guys applied them to the wrong account.” 
“Mail them anyway.” 
“You want me to mail money blindly, with no paperwork, to an agency I can’t call or contact?” 
“Just put your ID number on the check,” said the voice. 
“You mean this one?” I read the number. 
“That’s not your number.” 
“That’s my ID number from the last invoice you sent me. It says right here: ID number.”
I've heard a full crowd of lefties on MPR try to sort out why we have MinnesotaCare + MNsure, and how that all relates to BOcare, and it was obvious they were very confused, some of THEM even wanted to get rid of MNsure ... but naturally, since they were all lefties, there were a couple that were CERTAIN that MinnesotaCare's many problems (that they all agreed it had) would be worked out "soon". I believe I heard that last spring.

Here is another article on the subject ... "Faulty Billing Costs State $44 million".

But who really cares? It is ONLY $44 Million, I mean it isn't like some CEO got that for a salary or the Koch brothers gave it to some campaign or something!

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