Tuesday, January 26, 2016

TP Denies Holocaust

Grand jury in Texas indicts activists behind Planned Parenthood videos | Fox News:

The German National Socialists were mere amateurs. The American Socialist, TP -- "The Party(D)" just celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the legalized murder of babies in their mother's womb -- a butchery of 58,586,256 and counting. BO managed to celebrate this grizzly "right" without ever mentioning it's name, even though the ruling which spawned the demonic death culture mentions it 150 times.

Next to Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto, the ruling is one of Satan's favorite possessions.

The National Socialists lost in Germany (sad day in Hell), so their Holocaust stopped, and in this country we can still refer to the Nazi Holocaust and remember it. Denying it is reserved mostly for people in the Middle East these days, our "trusted ally" in nuclear disarmament, Iran, being the site of an annual Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest -- those Muslims are people you can REALLY trust, and they LOVE free speech! Oh, and they are REALLY sophisticated in their appreciation of cartoons!

The linked article plots another proof point on the loss of freedom of speech in this country, as well as the turning of red Texas blue. Open borders build blue states in the southern tier, and once Texas is majority Mexican, it is game, set, match for TP. Our National Socialists foam at the mouth with glee as they anticipate the power they can wield against any who have not bowed to their will once TX is solidly blue!

You dare investigate TP's Baby Death Squads and flesh sales arm? Thou shalt be PROSECUTED -- and NPR and the TP media will leap for joy! In the words of a Planned Genocide representative from linked article:
“As the dust settles and the truth comes out, it's become totally clear that the only people who engaged in wrongdoing are the criminals behind this fraud, and we're glad they're being held accountable,” Ferrero said.
Ah, "truth". It is EXACTLY what TP says it is, no more and no less! Don't think you want to agree?

What part of 58, 586,256   *D E A D*  is it that you fail to understand! Innocence? Genocide? Law? Decency?  Mercy?

TP laughs at such -- those things are for the fools that fail to grasp POWER!

None may stand before the power of TP -- All will BOW OR DIE! Besides, if you can't quite get it, they will make a handsome profit on your body parts. A fitting tribute to the power of TP.
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