Thursday, January 14, 2016

Trump, Cruz, Weevils

Haley’s plea for tolerance draws cheers and jeers, revealing GOP divide - The Washington Post:

The Stupid Party Get's Stupider

For those that read this blog, you are hopefully aware that I am a CONSERVATIVE, not necessarily a "Republican".  I voted for Ross Perot after HW Bush broke with his smaller government promises and raised taxes. I'm not proud of that, but from it I learned that politics is nearly always the choice of "The Lesser of Two Weevils":

The two linked articles at the top of the post show that "the establishment Republican Party" and whatever one might like to call the more conservative wing ... let's go "militants" for now rather than "Tea Party" since I already use "TP" for a couple other things, are getting HOT, and it looks like change might be on the way.

I didn't watch the rise of Ronald Reagan, I was a Democrat to the small extent I cared until Carter convinced me that I'd rather not turn off the lights, put on a sweater, and say goodbye to America at the age of 21.

In retrospect however, it is obvious that the "Rockefeller, Country Club, Blue Blood, Coupon Clipping" former elite of the Republican Party were not enamored with Reagan. They found him shallow, a loose cannon and from the wrong side of the tracks. Their candidate was George HW Bush ... patrician, great blood lines, Yale, CIA ... "establishment".  Needless to say, the left was in total agreement! Reagan was an "idiot", "warmonger" ... he was SURE to be a DISASTER, if not the end of the world in a nuclear battle with our then partner in stability, the USSR.

History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme. I would have LOVED to see Scott Walker -- we have just experienced 7 years of expensive on the job training for someone with no experience in leadership or governance, and aside from extreme expense, it has really only gained us the certain knowledge that some people can't be trained. For that reason I'm anything but excited about Trump, Cruz or Rubio.

Christie has too many skeletons in Jersey and we don't need a pol that is ham-handed enough to hug BO right before an election.  I think Kasich is a great person and a good governor, but he has drifted left and doesn't really stand for anything in the small government arena.

So, I'm not excited, but I will vote for whomever 1) I see as most likely to limit government 2). Has a chance of winning. (Voting for someone that can't win is the equivalent of voting "present").

That said, I have to admit that craziness of the left and Republican establishment going after Trump and now even Cruz is making me give both of them a strong second look. I would assume that BO certainly realizes that his calling out voices like Cruz and Trump puts them in a better light with a large set of voters.

BO's approval ratings are well below 50%, it would have been like W Bush coming out and saying that "I really hope the Democrats don't go with a strident partisan like Obama" in the the spring of 2008 -- W would know that would help Obama, and I'm certain Obama knows that his comments help the more strident voices likewise.

The Republican establishment is a little easier to understand. They got back in the drivers seat after Reagan ... HW, then Dole, then W, then McCain, then Romney. Newt was more Reaganesque, but Speakers since have been establishment all the way.

Do I get mad at the Republican establishment and fervently wish for another Reagan? Oh, certainly I do, but a very large part of being a conservative is being reality based.  Being mad and cutting off your nose to spite your face are two different things to a conservative.

The list of things I detest about Trump is lengthy, but I DO very much enjoy how mad he makes both the left and the party elite. I had never really noticed Cruz much -- yet ANOTHER lawyer Senator with no leadership experience! David Brooks going after him though is a good sign that there might be some "there there"! Anyone with a shred of either patriotism or conservatism has to be completely disgusted about where we find ourselves after 7 years of the stench of BO!

If you aren't disgusted, you have to REALLY not be paying attention, or you are a Statist / Socialist at heart and need to start "Feeling the Bern"! BS is the obvious successor  to BO.

Sadly, with the look of the markets, Europe, Iran, crime, ISIS, etc, it may just come down to "Who do you think our enemies are the most afraid of"?

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