Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trump? Cruz? Squeal Like A Pig!

It's HuffPo, but I recommend it. It's rather infuriating if you even had wisps of tenuous hope that we had some shreds of a country left!
"Cruz has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in D.C., whereas Trump hasn't, and Trump up until this year was pretty much a player," said Craig Shirley, a longtime GOP strategist and charter member of the establishment. "Ultimately, the Washington establishment deep down -- although they find Trump tacky or distasteful -- they think that they ultimately can work with him. Deep down, a lot of people think it is an act."
Are we electing someone to the Glee Club? Cruz "rubbed people the wrong way in DC"?  Good God, I'm starting to think we would be better off carpet bombing DC than ISIS!

TRUMP is "tacky and distasteful"? What the hell did/do they think about the Arkansas HillyBilly's? Have they listened to the witch cackle about "all women should be believed"? Has either Trump or Ted raped anyone?

Who do you really want to deal with ISIS or the VAST stack of nasty problems now rotting and festering after the reign of stench?

Burt, or Ned Beatty?

Personally, I believe there are a few folks that would really be improved by  broadhead ventilation through the thorax! 

Yes, everyone assumes that Hillary is going to skate on her scandals, and everyone INCLUDING the Republican "establishment" is fine with Trump if it comes to that -- or even Hillary. How about Bernie? The MSM and the Democrats have assumed that Trump is beatable -- and even it if he isn't, he is "one of them", and "it's all an act".
There is ample reason for Republican insiders to feel more affinity to the real estate mogul than to the brash Texas tea party senator. As Shirley noted, Washington has spent decades doing business with Trump, if not personally begging him for checks.
The inside the beltway corruption is beyond what I had even imagined! We've got very very little but corruption left! (anything?) They are looking for "someone we can do business with"! The business of being many 10's of Trillions in debt and $120 T unfunded liability while transferring massive amounts of money from the productive to the non-productive or politically connected.
"I'm rooting for Hillary," said one half-joking somebody in the GOP establishment. "She can't win a mandate, so we hold the House and don't get slaughtered in the Senate. We will have a great midterm in 2018 running against her," he said, requesting anonymity for obvious reasons. "We are a great opposition party."
It is really looking like it is TIME for Rome (DC) to burn!  ISIS makes some inbred gay hillbillies look like gender confused schoolgirls -- and DC wants somebody "the can do business with" and "doesn't rub them that wrong way". What are they, cats?

Well? Who is it that owns this shit-hole? It is WAY past time to get serious!

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