Monday, January 11, 2016

Understanding Islam, Rape as Reward

Cologne’s Rape Jihad: Muslim Migrants Crash Europe’s Fantasy Islam:

I've lost my ability to continue to try to understand how the leftist mind of "The Party" (TP-D) operates. On one hand, young women should be so protected that "ogling" is a crime no matter what they are wearing, "unwanted kissing" can be classified as "rape", and there is no such thing as "consensual sex" unless they sign the appropriate consent form -- all be it still difficult to discern if they have had anything to drink.

OTOH, when it comes to large groups of Islamic men forming circles and brutally raping women in the center as the police are blocked off -- well, then, women REALLY need to pay a LOT attention to what they wear (have they considered a hijab?),
Truth being the first casualty of war, it was left to Henriette Reker, the fantasy Islam–drenched mayor of Cologne, to blame the victims for their ordeal. Such assaults could be prevented, she declaimed, if German women adopted a “code of conduct” tailored to the Islamic culture, they could prevent future attacks. 
To even mention that such actions are occurring and rapidly expanding is suppressed by the western media.  We can't appear "unwelcoming" or be "profiling" after all ... but for those of you willing to risk your public standing by reading "subversive news":
The Muslim men used a tactic that has escaped the notice of fantasy Islam devotees but is well known to those of us who’ve followed the scant reports on the rape jihad as it has proceeded from Tahrir Square to Malmö to Rotherham: A group of men encircles the targeted woman or girl, trapping her while walling off police and other would-be rescuers. Knowing they are a protected class, the Muslim men have no fear of the cops — “You can’t do anything to me,” and “Mrs. Merkel invited me here,” are just some of the reported taunts. By the time “help” reaches one victim, the assailants have moved on to the next.
How DOES the mind of a person of the left operate? If they picture their own wife or daughter in the center of such a circle of taunting Muslim men, does it cause any protective emotion to rise, or are their brains so totally aligned with the "Word of TP" that such emotions are sublimated to "we feel only what we are told to feel"?  We live in a world where the "red and blue tribes" are so fully separated that the age old admonition to attempt to "see it from the other side" has become impossible for me.

There must be some place the mind goes where the baby in the womb, the thousands of young black men shooting each other each year, the lives of the police, and apparently now the young western woman being repeatedly raped by a circle of taunting entitled Muslim men, simply cease to matter. Once that happens, one can apparently feel morally superior and "good" as they look in the mirror in that they know they are aligned with TP and TP is always right!?  I assume they somehow see "the greater good of TP,  praise be to TP!!" but it is here that my ability to "put myself in their frame" is totally inadequate.

This is not isolated. No, it is completely KNOWN, written down, and STATED from many quarters that sexually taking women and children by force is a part of the Islamic plan of conquest:
As I’ve previously explained, when Muslims are seeking conquest, Islamic scripture endorses sexual assault as a weapon to establish their dominance. “O Prophet,” Allah is said to have announced (in the Koran’s sura 33:50), “We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou has paid their dowers, and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the captives of war whom Allah has assigned to thee.”
Once consistency is no longer an issue, it becomes a requirement that INconsistency be pushed to points previously unimaginable. In one context, "kissing is rape", in another, brutal multiple actual penetrative rapes are to be ignored and blamed on the victim.  To hold BOTH these views in the mind concurrently and claim that you are "in support" of both is what it now means to walk around as a supposedly sane supporter of TP!

Can anyone NOT now understand how Germans could gas Jews by day and go home to wife and family in the evening and feel like a "good man"? We now see that millions of people walking among us hold the opinion on rape outlined above at least implicitly. It is the official position of OUR government and that of the governments in Europe!

Without rational and CONSISTENT thought, there are NO LIMITS on what humans can do and believe they are "in the right"! What part of NO LIMITS is it that we fail to grasp?

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