Thursday, January 21, 2016

WaPo Cruzin

What makes Ted Cruz truly dangerous - The Washington Post:

Things are a heating up, and the elite media are getting a little worried. Based on how this article, and some of the others I've seen from the left look, they still feel more comfortable with Trump winning the nomination -- at least he "wants to be liked". They understand that -- plus Trump has given money to Democrats, always been Pro-Abortion before, he is a New Yorker ... Trump makes sense to them.

Besides, they are still sure that either Bernie or Hillary beats him, so it really doesn't matter. Just win baby win!

But Cruz ...
"I knew before seeing Cruz on the stump that he is smart — dangerously so from my ideological perspective. I knew from watching him operate in Washington that he is ruthlessly ambitious. Seeing him in action, it’s clear he’s adept at retail politics as well."
That guy might actually have a shot, AND even the Republican establishment hates him and is worried about him.

The guy isn't willing to pander to IA farmers on ethanol! Holy Crap!

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