Friday, January 08, 2016

Warming? CA Methane Leak, 6 Million Coal Cars?

A natural gas leak with seemingly no end |

I'd barely heard about this, but low and behold, "Climate Cast" on NPR talked of it yesterday.

On the show, and in this quote from here, they discussed it as being like "six coal fired power plants" -- one wonders if that is LIFETIME or one year? Six power plants each burning over a million cars of a coal in a year sounds WAY off to me, so it almost has to be lifetime.
O'Connor, of the Environmental Defense Fund said the gas gushing from Aliso Canyon is roughly equal to that emitted by six coal-fired power plants or 7 million extra cars. "I think we have found a regulatory gap," he said.
So one would think that if you were a warmist, this would be right up there with Exxon Valdez or BP and Deepwater Horizon in the gulf. Lots of people are being evacuated, planes re-directed, the governor has declared a state of emergency, it is going to be going on for at least MONTHS more and the end is uncertain! How can this NOT be a top news story??!!  I mean, come on, "Climate Change" is the "Greatest Challenge Facing our Generation"!

So I checked just a bit of "follow the money" just cuz I figure there has to be SOME explanation,  and "amazingly", governor Browns sister is involved with the owning company, AND, they have been very generous in donations to Brown.
Kathleen Brown was paid $183,000 last year as the director of Sempra Energy, according to a Wednesday report in the Boston Environmental Policy Examiner. She also managed to score $400,000 in stock in the much-maligned energy company, according to financial statements. 
Worse still, critics say, is the fact Gov. Brown owes a debt of gratitude to Sempra, as the governor has received more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from his sister’s company.
I'm guessing we could find even more connections ... BO maybe? Who knows.

The beauty of environmental law, IRS audits, "coordination" under Citizens United, hate speech, sexual harassment and a whole lot of the other current "left wing causes/laws" is that they invert the old "innocent until proven guilty" idea and rules of evidence at that same time. They are like weapons that ONLY KILL YOUR ENEMIES! They are the very best sort of "smart weapon" in that they are "ideologically based".

It is rather ingenious really. Harming the environment is a BIG DEAL when it is made to be a big deal because it fits the left narrative or the "cause" is someone that hasn't greased the proper palms to the proper amount. But it is selective -- if you are the "right folks", or "pay appropriately", you get to avoid the issue. Getting your mind right and being on the "right side" (meaning left) has it's perks!

When you live in a single political party controlled totalitarian state, it is ALL about politics. When something bad happens, the FIRST question that is asked is: Which Tribe? Red or Blue. If red, go for the jugular ... if blue, then no matter how HUGE it is, sweep it under the rug.

It makes the "rules" a lot easier to understand!

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