Wednesday, February 10, 2016

36% Of Climate Related Scientists Say "Comply With Kyoto"

Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis - Forbes:

This will get a LOT less coverage than the "97% of Scientist agree" on AGW!

Surveys and Science are like "Lutherans and eelpout" .. Huh? If 100% of scientists think that space is expanding at a fixed rate (which they pretty much did) and data shows that it is expanding at an accelerating rate, then, until the next data, 100% of scientists were WRONG! Pretty much all of them thought that  space was Static as well prior to  Edwin Hubble showing it was expanding!

Science is driven by data, surveys are driven by opinion.

It's probably WORSE for AGW that what the survey shows. Experiments have now been done where you put the survey taker in a PET scanner which is pretty much a lie detector that actually works! Ask people a question like "Blacks are inherently better basketball players than whites", which 90%+ will answer NO!!! Because they have been socialized to KNOW that is what they SHOUD answer, but nearly all of them (including blacks) are LYING!

No doubt a goodly number of climate related scientists are NOT going to answer this one in the socially acceptable "wrong way" ... even though is was supposed to be anonymous, many could lose their jobs for being a "denier".

The electrical power exec at the meeting I was at this AM was VERY uncomfortable with AGW being questioned in the room, and made basically a "statement of faith" that "they had children, cared about the planet, and this was a settled area in the industry that was not useful to discuss!".

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