Thursday, February 11, 2016

BO Better Judge Than God

Scandal of the Day Christian Heidi Cruz Says Christian Things:

The left is all up in arms because Ted Cruz and his wife are Christians and that affects their world view. The BO spokesman response to some comments:

Thomas Jefferson envisioned a wall of separation between Church and State. Ted Cruz envisions that wall being torn down entirely. He’s not judging, he just thinks people who disagree are wrong and bad.

How many times have we listened to BO pontificate about how anyone questioning Climate Change, his give nukes to Iran deal, his "red line", his JV team, his "you can keep your healthcare ..." ... my fingers are tired ... were "wrong, bad, misguided, partisan, foolish, lying, racist, etc" ???

So the almighty BO stands up and judges everyone on the basis if his worshipful intellect or intestinal gas, that is a thing of beauty, but if anyone wants to use Judeao-Christian values that are thousands of years old and are the entire basis for Western civilization, THAT is somehow against a letter that Jefferson sent to a Baptist church!

At least they didn't try to claim it is in the Constitution, THAT would be RICH, considering that they have shredded that so bad it basically doesn't exist!

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