Sunday, February 21, 2016

BO, In His Own Actions

Anyone that cares already knows what BO thinks about "traditions", "honor", "respect" and all that "stupid stuff".  Whatever he "says" -- and how could ANYONE care what the incontinent gasbag "says" any more, need only to look at his ACTIONS to realize the truth of what I've been saying since 2008.

He wrote it in his book for goodness sakes!!!!!!

The reaction to BO is precisely TRUMP! Will Trump fix anything? Most likely not -- in fact, he will most likely make it worse, but once once people are completely angry, they "just want revenge". Maybe stupid, maybe destructive, maybe even terminal, but after a certain point, it just doesn't matter.

As I've wrote more than a few times, "Let It Burn" being one that springs to mind, after a certain point,  one needs to accept the inevitable!

BO doesn't give a RATS ASS for "civility", "decency", "statesmanship", or "being president" -- he is and always has been in it to "destroy the colonial powers" -- and pick up as much as he can for himself while he is doing it.

The saddest part is that we live in an area of N America where well over 50% of the population doesn't care enough to know, and if they DID fully know, their biggest concern would still align with BO pretty well -- What's in it for them!!!

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