Wednesday, February 17, 2016

BO, Shit From Shinola

Obama’s shinola | Power Line:

It's never been very clear what BO actually knows when he is off a teleprompter, but he is certainly convinced that the rest of the country's intelligence level would make "The Jerk" look like a genius in comparison.

Oh, yes, there are ALL SORTS of good reasons why BO voting for a filibuster as a Senator was not "divisive", "partisan", "obstructionist", etc. He just couldn't come up when asked without a teleprompter feed!

Hey, it was "THE PARTY (D)" doing the filibuster! Those are the GOOD GUYS!

But this is the Supreme Court. And it’s going to get some attention. And we have to ask ourselves as a society a fundamental question: Are we able to still make this democracy work the way it’s supposed to, the way our Founders envisioned it? And I would challenge anyone who purports to be adhering to the original intent of the Founders, anybody who believes in the Constitution, coming up with a plausible rationale as to why they would not even have a hearing for a nominee made in accordance with the Constitution by the President of the United States ,,,
Ah yes, Mr "Constitution"! Let the EPA make and enforce laws over the objections of congress, shove through healthcare "reform" as a "tax", decree your own immigration policy by executive order and use the IRS to attack the Tea Party. I'm sure I'm missing some -- besides, the BO Court itself treats the Constitution as used toilet paper already!

As the article says, this act is WAY past old!
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