Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Brooks Misses Scent of BO

David Brooks is a smart guy -- I've read a couple of his books, some of his articles are quite good. His world view is however left / statist / "liberal" / "progressive" ... whatever you want to call it.

From, "Ideas Have Consequences" -- "It is easy to be blind to the significance of a change because it is remote in time and abstract in character. Those who have not discovered that world view is the most important thing about a man, as about the men composing a culture, should consider the train of circumstances which have with perfect logic proceeded from this".

One of the more dangerous things of our current largely left wing media is using a "liberal in conservative clothing" as a "stalking horse". Brooks fills this role A LOT. He is on NPR weekly as the supposed "flip side" of EJ Dionne of the WaPo -- in reality, a classic case of covering "both the left and the FAR left"!

People are lulled to believe that they have heard a "reasonable conservative view", when actually they have heard another left wing view dressed up as being conservative.

Both the Vox article and the column are factually useless, but useful as an excellent example of just how deeply the left wing bias is embedded in our media. A sample ...

Despite his self-identification as a conservative, David Brooks has long been considered the Obama White House's favorite columnist, becoming a regular at off-the-record events and dinners. Even when he's criticized the administration he's stayed in its good graces. In 2009, when he criticized Obama's spending plans, the White House sent him a chart debunking his claims on which Obama himself wrote, "Dear Comrade Brooks."

So it's perhaps unsurprising to see Brooks return the favor in his column Tuesday, titled,"I Miss Obama." Brooks contrasts the president's restrained, cerebral demeanor (one of "good manners") with that of the 2016 presidential field and finds his potential successors lacking:

BO is no doubt well aware how useful it is to have someone well known nationally as a "conservative" as cover for his radicalism. Perhaps David will be signing on to BS (Bernie Sanders)  soon and get over missing BO!
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