Monday, February 29, 2016

Changing Your Seven Year Olds Gender

Why We Love 7-Year-Old Transgender Activist, Avery Jackson, And Her Incredible Family:

A few weeks ago, after hearing the term on NPR a few hundred times, I realized that my gender, and the gender of everyone I know had changed. We are no longer "Male and Female" as God created us, but those of us whose brains match our gonads are "Cisgender", often abbreviated "Cis". NPR uses the term pretty much all the time now.

I've commented in many posts that the control of language is one of the primary mechanisms of totalitarianism -- George Orwell in 1984 and Animal Farm is both a chilling and entertaining introduction to understanding this. Changing the meaning of words and creating and controlling categories destroys the ability of the masses to discuss what is happening.

They know something is wrong, but they can't "put it into words". They can't do that because the old words that would have let them communicate are no longer used, or in some cases not even "allowed", while the new or re-used words have changed the meanings of even the most basic things -- man, woman, marriage, family, truth, good, bad, war, peace, etc.
Avery Jackson is a 7-year-old transgender girl and she is blowing the Internet away with her amazing story of transition. The Next Family is so impressed with Avery Jackson’s spunk and courage and all that her parents have done in support of Avery’s transition that we just have to share with you 10 reasons why we love Avery and the Jackson Family.
Up until a few years ago, when your little Granddaughter or girl said "Mommy, why can't I be a boy?", or "I want to be a boy". It was cause for a little smile and a discussion about how both little boys and girls are special and how glad we are that God gave us a little girl!". Knowing that there may well be a "tomboy phase" to follow, or even that she may become an astronaut (oops ...  well, maybe if she lived in Russia or China!).

I've heard coverage of the "important new issue" of "transgender" children on MPR a few times. They are still "discussing" how mandatory it needs to be, but it is clear that if a little girl of boy makes their thoughts of possibly preferring the opposite gender known to school authorities, it is time for some SERIOUS thought! When a "liberal" has an idea that they believe to be "good", it is only a short step to it being "mandatory and paid for by the state!".

When I tell you that the destruction of civilization will leave us with NOTHING I sometimes realize that I can't come even close to imagining the level of depravity that consumes Satan and his followers. He seeks to utterly destroy ALL of creation!!  Even the term "meaning" becomes  dissolved into  chaotic gibberish.

As write away on my fiction, I become absorbed in the idea that creation might include infinite timelines -- those closer to the will of God being closer to Heaven, and those farther away from his will closer to Hell. Yes, it is fiction as far as I know, but sometimes I can't imagine how God has allowed evil to corrupt what we generally believe to be the single history of creation to this extent!

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