Sunday, February 14, 2016

Debate Into Darkness

Nobody Won the South Carolina Debate -- Conservatism Lost:

The linked column is unfortunately a very worthy read. I don't watch the debates, I read the analysis. As created and typically executed for the Republicans, they are made for TV spectacle, not reasoned exchange with ideas rather than egos at the center.

When a nation is destroyed, EVERYTHING gets destroyed -- especially if it is a nation founded on IDEAS. I'm sure  the Trump supporters feel completely justified in the Star Wars "release your anger" approach to this election. Conservatives are human, so we ALL understand that feeling ... the problem is that is the DARK SIDE!

It's short, just read it, this is the closing.

On a day when an American lost a great patriot — a Supreme Court justice who defended the Constitution and upheld its vital principles until the very day that he died — it was particularly sad to see the hijacking of constitutional conservatism in a race that is quickly degenerating into a dangerous farce at the very time when the nation so desperately needs principled, courageous leadership. Dear candidates, if you can’t win, step aside. If you can win, step up. Otherwise, we are lost.

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