Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dilbert On Trump

Scott Adams Blog:

I used to love the Adam's cartoon strip, "Dilbert" when  I worked at IBM. It was almost spooky how well he understood the typical mindless inanity of modern corporate life. He understood it because he was an engineer at AT&T and at least smart enough to make "Mensa" ... so maybe not a genius, but smart.

He opens with the following:
It isn’t unusual for members of the public to hate politicians. For example, lots of people hate President Obama. Some of that hatred is because of his policies, some is because of racism, and I assume there are a few other reasons. But I have never seen anyone who was literally afraid of him on a visceral level. 
Trump, on the other hand, actually scares people. I have seen people’s bodies twist up and go into full panic at the thought of him being president. I’m talking about actual, literal, bodily fear, as if a monster is already in house and you don’t know where it is hiding. Even professional members of the media feel this fear. 
And yet I feel none of that fear – not even a trace amount. To me, Trump looks like the safest candidate in the history of presidential elections, and I don’t even share his politics on a number of topics. So I have to ask myself why I have zero fear of Trump while so many others are in full panic mode. Should I be more afraid?
Adams never seems to "figure it out" in the column ... as an intelligent engineer, he is trying to be logical. Fear may have a logical basis, but it is only an emotion.

People that hated W or hate BO are not afraid that either of them would directly take them on and cut them down to size if they tried to heckle them. People DID fairly regularly scream things at W, and I'm not sure he ever took on a heckler.

If you hate Trump, unless you have a BIG ego and lots of skills, loud voice, etc, it is nearly certain that if you took your hatred up against him, he would chew you up and spit out out like used sunflower seeds! So they feel fear!

The other aspect I think is that Trump is an "unknown". I certainly was very concerned about what BO would do, and unfortunately those concerns proved to be largely founded -- BOcare, gigantic debt, disregard for the Constitution. loss of US stature around the world, terrible economy, and awful decrease in number of Americans working. I'm concerned about Trump, but policy wise, mostly because he is unknown.

I strongly dislike Trump because he is obnoxious, has no conservative credentials that I can identify, is more concerned about himself than anything else, and he coarsens an  already nasty US political stage.

The column is a worthy read though -- Adams is not the only very intelligent person that I know that is excited about and backing Trump. I think their hopes are FAR too high, in a very similar way to the hopes that the Obama Zombies had in '08.

Human "saviors" are never real!

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