Friday, February 19, 2016

Even The Left Misses W

Donald Trump makes me miss George W. Bush - The Washington Post:

As the left drives the nation deeper and deeper into the abyss, even THEY miss the combatants of times past, in this case, George W Bush, Eisenhower can amazingly, even the embodiment of evil, Karl Rove!

As the ever excreble EJ Dionne puts it here:
"I had a twinge of nostalgia watching George W. Bush campaign for his little brother in South Carolina Monday night."
Ah yes, "civility". Prior to W, no president had been treated as badly as longly by the MSM. Dionne now finds Trump calling people "liars" to be unseemly -- when W was in office it was the daily harangue from all points left!

But mostly, W’s cameo in the 2016 campaign served as a reminder that, not too long ago, conservative politics wasn’t so beastly. Bush, wading into the manure pile that is the 2016 Republican primary fight, was pleasant, civil and decent.
Being on the left means having no memory, because consistency is something that must be avoided at all costs. Pretty much any conservative of a decade or so ago seems worthy of praise at the latest level of constant cultural decline -- it's just that the left looks at it as "progress" day to day, except when they look across today's isle.

LBJ begets Nixon. Carter seemed like the worst things could become on the left, but then there is BO, who shows every sign of giving us Trump.

As we tumble down the abyss, even the lefties realize that things are getting worse -- but they can't see it in their own candidates, and find lawlessness, scandal, rank partisanship, etc from their own to be "refreshing" -- as long as it is the "conservative" ox that is gored.

At this late stage of decline, the funhouse mirrors start to even make the proprietors of the carnival, those of TP to feel a bit nauseous at times. Good preparation for that stale urine smell in the hallways of the grey cinder blocks of socialism. A strong stomach is required to stand in line with a hangover waiting for whatever the all powerful state has available today -- toilet paper? rot gut alcohol? maybe some stale bread or even some nether cut of meat.

In 10 years, we will certainly miss Trump. It's like any state moving moving toward socialism.

Somebody asks, "How are you doing?" ... Oh, pretty good. Worse than last year, but better than I'll be next year!

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