Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Flashback, 2007 Type Bias

Ran into this in a waiting room -- sometimes it is good to see what good old bias and hatred for W looked like in the "good old days" of 2007, especially when we get to hear now how great a president BO really has been and how any "decent people" ought to be thinking they will miss him dearly! This article was MILD compared to MANY, but it is the ubiquity of throwing in a couple of gratuitous shots at poor old W when there was no earthly reason he had to be mentioned if the article was REALLY about "presidents in general".
To say nothing of the incumbent (W in 2007), of whom, perhaps, the less said the better.
Hardy har har.
Who will be on them? Why, Presidents, of course—all of them, in the order they served, scoundrels and heroes alike. Someday, like a bad penny, a George W. Bush dollar will turn up. Heads you lose.
What was the purpose of this column? Well, strangely, in 2008, the New Yorker was really sick of "presidents". Hmm ... Wonder if there was something more specific about that "sickness" ...
Here is the question thus raised: at this chastening juncture in our repub-lic’s history, wouldn’t everyone welcome a moratorium on Presidential glorifi-cation? Isn’t the United States a little too President-ridden, much as post-medieval Spain was a little too priest-ridden? Our capital city groans under the weight of obelisks, equestrian statues, and grandiose temples fit for the gods but devoted to the winners of Presidential elections. “Presidential historians” populate the greenrooms of our cable-news networks. Presidential suites sit atop Vegas hotels. Presidential libraries gobble up ever-growing swathes of urban and, as the unhappy faculty of Southern Methodist University recently learned, campus real estate. Time to throttle down.
Color me skeptical, but my "strong guess" is that when it comes to honoring BO, it will be time to "Throttle Up"! Can you even IMAGINE the New Yorker being concerned about the location or the cost of his presidential library? I REALLY think it ought to go at Cornell because there are only a couple of people that remember him being there -- won't it be great when only a couple of people remember having been president?

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