Monday, February 01, 2016

Frightened By Choice, Education

‘What passes for acceptable school choice rhetoric is frightening’ - The Washington Post:

The linked piece is not long and it is worth reading to see just how angry the left is at ANY idea of actual "choice" in school. The left in this nation knows and has well taken to heart the words of Lenin: "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."

Conservative parents are lulled, bullied, shamed and subsidized to send their children off to a socialist Democrat party indoctrination camp for TWELVE years, SIXTEEN if they go to college. The teachers are 90%+ Democrat and union, and by law the school will indoctrinate the children in a completely secular world view antithetical to Christian life.

The fact however that there exist A TINY FEW areas of where parents and have some level of choice, and that in some cases, vouchers are allowed, is positively frightening to the giant grinding wheel of the socialist political, media and union mechanism of the "The Party" (TP-D).
What I found instead was appalling to me. The Humphrey School’s event was billed as “bipartisan,” but I quickly realized how thoroughly that word has become cover for groupthink. If both Democrats and Republicans support the dismantling of our public institutions, then shouldn’t you, too?
Refreshing to see what the ruling elite of TP ACTUALLY think of "bipartisan"! The left view of "bipartisan" is you can call yourself anything you like as long as you either completely agree with the left position or SHUT UP! ... anything else is "appalling", "frightening", etc.
That’s it. This is the framework I have been looking for. What would our education policy discussions be like today, if America had turned out “less Reaganite” and “more Humphreyish”? The hammering narrative of failure, applied with force to our nation’s public school system, found fertile ground in the Reagan era, of course, through the hyped “Nation at Risk” report. That report helped propel America away from further investment in public schools, and towards school choice schemes (hint: privatization).
Here we sit, seven years into an administration farther left than Carter, the Constitution shredded, massive debt and taxation, government tentacles reaching into every aspect of life, a cratered economy with food stamps and welfare being the closest things we have to "growth industries", and it would STILL be much better if American and turned out LESS "Reaganite"!!!!

TP demands TOTAL CONTROL because it's programs DEMAND that none have any choice! How much choice is there? As of 2013 all of 5% of students were in publicly funded Charter Schools, and 10% were in private schools, largely Catholic, paying average tuition of $13,640 per student on top of their property taxes.

Fifteen percent of American youth not being 100% indoctrinated by TP. THAT is what TP finds "frightening"!

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