Monday, February 08, 2016

Gay Healthcare

It’s almost over for Hillary: This election is a mass insurrection against a rigged system -

Remember the "Vote No!" campaign on the marriage amendment in MN? We were assured over and over that "Nobody has any plans to make gay "marriage" legal in MN, that is simply a lie created by fearful and bigoted people".

They made gay "marriage" legal the year after the amendment failed. One of the advantages that evil has is that there are NO RESTRICTIONS on the methods you can use to win -- when there is no such thing as truth, what would a lie be?

Similarly, BOcare was "not socialized medicine", and "If you liked your healthcare, you could keep it". What it is is WEALTH TRANSFER!

Here we have a quote from this fine article:
As for the notion that voters can’t see that paying $1,000 in taxes beats paying $5,000 in health insurance premiums, it is an insult to the American people.
Note, this is AFTER those of us who managed to work long and hard to get some tiny chance of few years of a decent retirement have ALREADY suffered INCREASES in healthcare costs on the order of $5-$10K!!!!  BOcare has already increased our out of pocket costs by 5-10 TIMES, although a lot of that is due to it sitting in accounts as "pre-spent". Having been or currently being a "maker" vs a "taker" in the US is like being a Christian in a country that recently went Islamic -- you are getting a lot of raw deals, but there isn't any choice, and it only looks to get worse in the future. 

"American people" for Salon are the 50-60%  of Americans that already pay at most $1K in taxes TOTAL. In fact, the bottom 40% of the country already gets more than HALF of their income FROM the government!

So where do we go from here?
Twenty years on, Hillary still sees the world through the rose-colored glasses of that ’90s consensus. Not Bernie. He sees that in 2016 rising tides don’t even lift most boats, that growth comes at a steep price when it comes at all, and that new technology cost more jobs than it creates. He understands that when jobs flow to countries with weak governments and low wages, the American middle class can’t get a raise. He sees that public-private partnership meant pay-to-play politics, and that the whole system runs not on innovation but corruption. My guess is the middle class sees what he sees and wants what he wants: a revolution. If he can continue to drive the debate, they may get one.
Ah, "Revolution" ... ah, to WHAT?

Well, the Reagan - 2006 growth wasn't good enough! The "consensus" in the '90s wasn't right. Technology isn't the answer. "Public-private partnership" doesn't work. SO??

Well, it would seem to me that the "only choice" that folks like Salon can see is complete Socialism ... or Fascism. Either government takeover of the means of production, or leave the capital ostensively in the hands of "private", but completely regulate it and 100% state what salaries, benefits, "profits", etc are. So much for "partnerships" -- it would seem that FORCE is the "only answer".

Why is it again that anyone is supposed to somehow "trust" the left? They avow no morals, they claim that truth does not even exist.

Pretty much everything in this country seems to be heading to be as fecund as a gay "marriage"! 

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