Friday, February 19, 2016

God Loves Obama

Jonah Goldberg: If Obama really wants to reduce ‘meanness,’ now is his chance | Opinion |

God DOES love Obama of course! He loves ALL of us, even me! To God, ALL lives really do matter. As Jonah puts it ...
Well, let no one say the moral arc of the universe does not bend toward second chances.
Indeed -- the universe is wired so we ALL get a LOT of chances to turn from our wicked ways, and at a very minimum practice some flashes of consistency between our actions and our words.

Repentance and redemption! The chance to "get it right this time with the help of God"! It's Lent, it is the perfect time to reflect on how much opportunity Christ has blessed us with the see the error of our ways, repent and begin afresh!

Just before Scalia died, BO uttered the following:
In Springfield, Illinois, last week, President Obama commemorated the ninth anniversary of his bid for the White House. He admitted that one of his “few regrets” was his inability “to reduce the polarization and the meanness in our politics.”
It's as if God heard him and said "OK Barack, here is a chance!".
Obama could prevent all this strife. He could say he will leave this appointment up to his successor. Or he could appoint a conservative during the Senate recess (Sen. Ted Cruz, anyone?) who would serve only until the end of the following session. That would preserve the power balance on the court for the time being.

Such diplomacy would go a long way to prevent — or at least reduce — further polarization and meanness in our politics.
Just imagine how much healing such a change of heart could engender! It might even go a long way toward moving the scales of retribution back to the time of Bork. A way to let actions show the truth of an honest heart bent to reduce the "polarization and meanness in our politics"!

God never gives up. He continues to give us ALL opportunities to take actions to reach out and heal this broken world and nation.

Obama is certainly a person for which it is VERY easy to be cynical about his statements and real motives. God has given him a great opportunity to show what is really in his heart!

Praise be to God!

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