Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How Much For That Sharpton In The Window?

Bernie Sanders Dines With Al Sharpton In Harlem : NPR:

 NPR abuzz today with the evils of "Citizens United" ... Hillary, Bernie and Jeb have all come out saying it should be overturned. Of course Hillary and Jeb are two of the major beneficiaries of money made legal by the ruling ... as was BO.

It's the drunk being in favor of prohibition ... because, well, making stuff illegal is guaranteed to get rid of the problem! (see drugs)

Somehow, the left never seems to worry about money "going the other way". The "Chicago Way" (and the Mob way) is to "reward your friends and punish your enemies". This is why we were supposed to have LIMITED government, separation of powers and rule of law. Because when the government gets to be a huge player and is unregulated, "who watches the watchers"?

Well, if you have an R involved, the "adversarial press" -- but BS, Hilly, Sharpton and NPR are all on the same team!

Does anyone think Al is NOT "shopping the highest bidder" -- what will each of them promise him personally and "his people"? I suspect for 99% of people, that is like asking if he is breathing. OF COURSE he is seeing what he can get for himself and his "interests" -- a few of them are likely organizations that he has his fingers in the till of.

No concern at all -- this is just how things work in "The Party" and their media arm. Why would anyone care?

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