Thursday, February 25, 2016

Intolerant left

Nothing in the linked article is new if you read this Blog semi-regularly, but even I like to have corroboration sometimes.
For one thing, liberalism is no longer mainly about ideas. It is about power—as in who has it and who doesn’t. Believing they already know the answers to all questions, liberals view politics and governing as mopping up operations.
Never heard me say that have you? How about this one:

Today, there is virtually no government program that liberals won’t embrace. Clinton had his Sister Souljah moment when he repudiated extremism in his party. Today liberals can’t get close enough to the “black lives matter” movement.
The entire article is great -- but I'm the choir. It sounds like a good book coming out, but I'm afraid it will be low on my list. It sounds like a lot of ground that I've well covered.

There’s an old saying, he who controls knowledge controls power. Liberals get this adage instinctively. They treat truth not as wisdom—as something to be discovered—but as a will to power to be imposed by law and governmental fiat.

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