Friday, February 26, 2016

Jimmy Buffett's Plain Plane Buffet

Jimmy Buffett's New Toy The ICON Aircraft | All Things Aero:

I'm not a Parrot Head, but I do like some Jimmy Buffett. He is a big airplane guy and a major league environmentalist. He feels the rest of us need to get rid of our SUVs. The video in the attached shows him trying out a new plane and lists the planes currently in his stable.

I DON'T hate the guy at all -- it helps me realize what dealing with liberals is all about. Many of them are talented very happy and well meaning people who have not one single wisp of the concept "consistency", let alone any interest in dealing in any of it. I'm convinced it is one of the ways to be happy -- at least if your brain lets you compartmentalize well enough.

I wrote about his book "A Pirate Looks at 50" on my 50th birthday a decade ago. My seemingly wonderful life was about to fall into the abyss in less than two years from that post.

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