Friday, February 05, 2016

Minnesota Vice -- Enemy Combatant, Criminal, or Aspiring War Criminal?

Alleged ISIL recruits from Twin Cities argue for 'combatant immunity' -

We have heard since the early 2000's that "Terrorism" as in "War On" were non-sense terms, and that these matters ought be handled has simple criminal proceedings.

Definitions are always a giant problem for the left, and strangely enough the Star Trib seems to have joined with BO in reviving the ancient term "Levant" as in "ISIL", ceding at least linguistically the entire Eastern Mediterranean to Islamic State ... covered here.

W was of course all wrong to indicate that we are at war with those that want to establish a Caliphate intended to expand to control the entire planet. Strangely though, the people that are fighting US are VERY clear what they are and what it is they want to accomplish!
Five Twin Cities men accused of plotting to go to fight alongside ISIL in Syria are asking a federal judge to drop murder conspiracy charges on grounds that they have “combatant immunity” under both common and international law. 
They say combatants are immune from criminal prosecutions for acts of war, including murder, against military targets.
Huh? THEY claim that they are "combatants" in a war, and as such have "combatant immunity"! No doubt BO will help us all out and tell us they are NOT "Islamic, combatants, etc" ... when it comes to gender, all are free to declare their own at whatever point they desire, however when it comes to someone declaring what religion they are or what type of violent activity they are engaged in, we must wait for the proper emanation from BO! I thought the prosecutor said it best ...
“They are, if they must be categorized within the international law of armed conflict, best categorized as aspiring war criminals,” the prosecution said.
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