Tuesday, February 16, 2016

MNsure, "Free" Still Not Free

Some shocked by estate claims after signing up with MNsure | Duluth News Tribune:

Since we live under the rule of bureaucracy, reading the whole linked article is probably worth it, though it is longer than it needs to be.

Bottom line, in the machinations of BOcare, MNsure and Minnesota Care, the "asset test" for MNsure was taken away because there is none for BOcare and you are REQUIRED to purchase health insurance by law now.

But Minnesota failed to add a form to the tall stack of forms that lets you know that they are putting a lien on any assets you have for the cost of your "free insurance".

My Dad is in a nursing home for at least awhile -- got to sit through a discharge from one facility under Medicare and into another where a "supplemental" was involved. Stacks of papers, lots and lots of questions -- the wheels of government grind the lives and fortunes of us all, but they make sure they gather a lot of data while they do it.

Freedom has never been free -- and the cost of tyranny is still infinite.

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