Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moyers Endorses Cruz!

Ted Cruz believes in nothing: The fundamentalist charlatan craves power above all else -

Well, actually he HATES HIM ... but in my book, that is a STRONG endorsement of the guy! If Bill Moyers hates your guts, you have to be a pretty decent sort.

I covered a little Moyers here ... he is a very noxious sanctimonious lefty that thinks BO isn't quite far enough left. He probably doesn't think BS is either ... I'm sure he would find a way to get left of MARX!

If you are a Christian, Moyers hates you. If you are a Christian and win a political office, you ought to be stamped out by any means possible!

Craves POWER? Dear God ... if Moyers had his way, I'd be suffering some medieval torture for questioning his eminence's holy writ!

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