Saturday, February 20, 2016

Recent History, For the Left Eye Only

Turned Around - The New Yorker:

I have a deep appreciation of the superior ability of the general lefty brain to generate narrative, if I ever complete my fiction work, it will be a MIRACLE!

From the POV of the left, "the big story of the last 50 years" is the rise of the RIGHT!
The biggest story of the past fifty years in American politics has been the ascendancy of the right, and it’s a story of apostasy. At each stage of the conservative movement’s long march to power, crucial aid was provided by heretics from the left. Progressives recoiled from the New Deal and turned reactionary; ex-Communists helped to launch National Review, in the nineteen-fifties; recovering socialists founded neoconservatism in the sixties and seventies; New Left radicals turned on their former comrades and former selves in the Reagan years.
Yes, forced bussing, Medicare, massive increases in welfare, Abortion on Demand, affirmative action, feminism, Political Correctness, gay rights/"marriage", open borders, massive increases in government regulation of all aspects of our lives, BOcare, states legalizing pot, etc, etc, all took place during the "rise of conservatism"!

The article really needs to be read to be imagined -- let alone believed. The idea that "people tend to move from left toward the right"  as they age is covered, with some of the standard epitaphs like "mugged by reality' inserted, but then the creative brain waves this as the meaning of the commonly noted left to right movement with age:
It’s like blaming your spouse for your own unfaithfulness. Political conversions are painful affairs, as hard to face up to as falling out of love or losing your religion. Or maybe harder. Religious faith, being beyond the reach of reason, doesn’t have to answer gotcha questions about a previously held position. There’s a special contempt reserved for the political apostate—an accusation of intellectual collapse, an odor of betrayal.
Got that? There IS no reason for people to move right -- it is embarrasing (to them) that some do. They are "apostates", "betrayers" ... or maybe they just had an "intellectual collapse"!

See the left has been unable to achieve utopia (yet), and there is no question that MUST be due to "the rise of the right"!
Chambers thought he was defecting to the losing side, and even now conservatives feel like a beleaguered minority; meanwhile, the right has secured power in just about every American institution except the academy. Political correctness is, in part, a reaction to the defeat of the left’s egalitarian dreams, the kind of mutation that occurs in isolation from the larger gene pool. If you can’t overturn Citizens United, you can at least rename a university building.
See, the "right" has "some position" in most institutions -- "except education". They have "media",  Fox and Talk Radio, and it is hard to shut them completely off on the Internet!  Note how the idea of a Constitution is simply GONE -- the idea that "free speech" means that you have to have MONEY if you want to speak to 300 million plus people is simply bunk! Citizens United just needs to be "overturned" -- the fact that there are ANY conservatives around is too much of a "rise".

And so, for "The Party", any vestige of conservatism is WAY too much! Oh, and our country has slipped so far RIGHT that we are overdue for a giant "backlash" -- that will no doubt usher in the utopia that the left is certain is just around the corner!

Perhaps BS?

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