Thursday, February 18, 2016

BO Regrets of Obstruction

Hit the wrong key on this one and it got posted before ready. Sorry -- pleading white line fever from 12 hours on the road!

Here WH discussion on BO "regrets" he voted to filibuster Alito as a Senator:
And frankly, looking back on it, the president thinks he should have just followed his own advice.” (What is sin? “Being out of alignment with my values.”) It’s fair to doubt the genuineness of Obama’s contrition. Still, what else has he ever regretted, other than failing to “explain” his policies better?
When there is no God and you set yourself up as god, (as BO clearly has), "sin" is when you don't live up to your OWN values -- or to be more precise, when you get CAUGHT not living up to YOUR OWN values. How convenient -- do you seek absolution for your "sins" from yourself as well?

The rest of the article is good, but pretty much "inside baseball" on Senate machinations over nominees. Since we are going to hear A LOT about "obstructionist Republicans" the rest of this year, I thought this was interesting ...

Even if Democrats don’t win this year, a young and able nominee could be considered again by a future Democratic president in the 2020s. George H.W. Bush nominated John Roberts to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 1992, but the Senate failed to act and the nomination expired. George W. Bush nominated him again in 2001, but Sen. Patrick Leahy, then chairman of the Judiciary Committee, refused to hold hearings. Roberts was finally confirmed in 2003, after Republicans took the Senate.

Got that? Democrats held up John Roberts effectively from 1992 - 2003 with two separate opportunities, in which they stiffed him TWICE!  Not something we heard a lot of crying of alligator tears from the TP controlled MSM over is it???

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