Sunday, February 07, 2016

Rubio Repeats to ROBO-U

Chris Christie’s suicide mission may make this a good night for Trump and Kasich [With Comment by John] | Power Line:

When I heard about the Rubio programed response failing into repeat mode last night, I was reminded of the old 70's SciFi movie "Westworld"  that had the marvelous line "Nothing can go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ..."

If the Democrats were writing the script, I don't think any of them would be smart enough to come up with having the bright, good looking, current leading establishment candidate utter basically : “Let’s dispel with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing, He knows exactly what he’s doing." MULTIPLE TIMES!

Yes, yes, I certainly get his point ... I in fact agree and have blogged on it a number of times. If you look at BO's past, his books, his associates and supporters, he **IS** accomplishing exactly what he has declared he wanted to do since before he wrote the "Dreams" book. Which is basically make CERTAIN the the US is NOT an "exceptional nation" by the time he leaves office.

In modern politics however, being "correct" often not very important, but looking stupid,  for a Republican it can easily be terminal!

He basically is the R equivalent of BO in some ways -- looks good, talks well as as long as it is read from a script, and it is very true, he has never run anything, or accomplished much of anything.

It is REALLY starting to look like the Republicans are going to screw this up -- it seems that Cruz can at least be made out to be "unlikeable, spooky, etc", Rubio is shallow and inexperienced, Trump is  ... well, Trump, we have talked a lot about him.

What could go wrong?

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