Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Somebody Needs to Break That Finger Off

Hillary Clinton unleashes Bill Clinton on Bernie Sanders as once-friendly primary turns ugly - Washington Times:

I don't have to listen to the slime-ball, I don't have to read what spews from his lips, but it is hard to un-see pictures. If Bill Cosby raped any women, at least they don't need to see him on TV all the time
wagging his finger like the sanctimonious weasel Slick!
If I were better at video effects, I'd have Chuck Norris walk in, grab the finger, put "The Stain" on his knees and then just break it off ... show it to him and say "apology accepted".

For "realism", Chuck could disarm a couple SS guys on the way in and let them live because "they were just doing their duty -- but so was he!"

Ok, I'm better now ...

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