Friday, February 12, 2016

Teachers Imperfect Climate Indoctrinators

How teachers are getting it wrong on climate change - The Washington Post:
Thirty-one percent of teachers also said that they include both the scientific consensus position — that global warming is human-caused — but then also a “natural causes” position that contradicts it, thus presenting “both sides,” in the study’s words.
I've covered before how our current school systems were engineered to create at the start of the 20th century using principles from guys like Taylor and Dewey to make "compliant workers and consumers" for the industrial manufacturing world.

The fact that such people operate best in totalitarian systems was just a bonus!

The linked article is not "in your face", but it makes it pretty clear that there needs to be a national top-down agenda for getting our "numbers" up to "where they need to be" on Climate Change.
The study also found that most teachers are unaware of the strength of the scientific consensus about the human causes of climate change. The survey asked them “what proportion of climate scientists think that global warming is caused mostly by human activities?” For middle school teachers, 30 percent chose the option “81 to 100%,” which the researchers identified as the correct answer. High school teachers were only a little better, at 45 percent.
The highlight is the big "tell" that we are dealing with totalitarian ideology. In teaching "science", polls of how many people believe whatever would have been SCIENTIFIC SACRILEGE even back when I was in school. We were far too close to the Nazi politicization of science and Lysenkoism in the USSR, PLUS, we were a country GOING TO THE MOON! Things like going to the Moon require REAL SCIENCE, not political ideology.

The "correct answer" was 81-100% ... but the REAL answer is closer to 40%! However, the REAL PROBLEM is that we are doing "Family Feud Science" ( Survey Says!) indoctrination.

Which brings us to:
Teachers who espoused conservative ideological beliefs about government’s role in people’s lives tended to be more likely to present an “on the one hand, on the other hand” version of the climate issue in class.
I'd love to see that percentage ... I'm guessing it wasn't very high!

The ideology which may not be named as "ideology" because it is the dominant one we are soaking in ("liberalism"), is actively working to stamp out any presentation of an alternate view. Meanwhile that which is strongly labeled as "ideology" is in the business of presenting facts and alternatives and allowing for a public to think and make up their own minds!

**IF** we were ever to return to being a nation of freemen, one of the highest priorities would be to demand and constantly monitor so that our schools turn out INDEPENDENT, reality-based,  CRITICAL THINKING students rather than mindless totalitarian ideological automatons!

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