Monday, February 22, 2016

Time Travel With PJ

Even Stoned And 16, I Couldn’t Have Imagined This Dystopian Election - The Daily Beast:

This is entertainment, PJ Style. Apparently the part about the illegitimate son is true... obviously, none of his voters care what he did in his past life anyway -- he is a D AND a SOCIALIST!  We are talking complete "get out of jail free"! If the mother was insane and he killed the kid, it would likely add 5% at least to his vote from the left!

I've started to like the Dead a lot better as an old guy -- MORE PATIENCE! But this is still pretty funny!
"Hillary Rodham has a longer radioactive half-life than the Grateful Dead, and half of them are—I regret to inform you—dead, gratefully or otherwise. But they’re still packing venues. (Joke from the future: “What’s a Grateful Dead fan say when he runs out of pot? ‘What a shitty band.’”) "

I also loved this section. My favorite reference to the "Port Huron Statement" is here ...

If Bring-Down Bernie gets elected, all of life will be like being trapped in a meeting of the Students for a Democratic Society writing the Port Huron Statement until the end of time.

He probably won’t get elected. But that’s only because of LBJ avatar reincarnation of Shiva the Destroyer Intercontinental Ballistic Sister Hillary Rodham.

You know that art major who chews her hair and thinks she’s a witch? Hillary is a witch. Wait and see the spell she casts on this guy Bill she’s going to marry who is the Town Dog-Catcher in East Jesus, Arkansas, or something, and the next thing he knows he’s on trial in the U.S. Senate for getting head. 
Unless you make her chill out.
Just read it if you like PJ, if you don't like him, AVOID IT! I'm a conservative, not a liberal, I actually think it is good that not everyone enjoys what I do!

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