Saturday, February 13, 2016

Trump/Sanders -- Magic In BO Hell

Sanders and Trump: Magic sells - The Washington Post:

There is Bipartisan  agreement that current America is a disaster. BS carefully avoids who is at fault, but he is absolutely clear on how bad it is. Hillary isn't clear on anything other than  she is woman so should get the job via affirmative action, the same way BO did. Here is Charles on the subject ...
But the starting point of the bipartisan critique is the social, economic and geopolitical wreckage all around us. Bernie Sanders is careful never to blame President Obama directly, but his description of the America Obama leaves behind is devastating — a wasteland of stagnant wages, rising inequality, a sinking middle class, young people crushed by debt, the American Dream dying. 
Take away the Brooklyn accent and the Larry David mannerisms and you would have thought you were listening to a Republican candidate. After all, who’s been in charge for the last seven years?
Who indeed -- if you listen to BO or the media, it is either W or the evil Rs in congress.
The added factor is the Obama effect, the depressed and anxious mood of a nation experiencing its worst economic recovery since World War II and watching its power and influence abroad decline amid a willed global retreat.

The result is a politics of high fantasy. Things can't get any worse, we hear, so why not shake things up to their foundation? Anyone who thinks things can't get any worse knows nothing. And risks everything.
I think the point Sir Charles misses is that for the vast majority of relatively non-political Americans, they can't IMAGINE how it could get worse. Since '10, when the R's took over congress, the media and BO have been in full throat demonizing them -- but they returned them to power in '12 and '14 ... in '14 with the biggest R majority in the house in 75 years.

Sure the press gives BO all the support it can, but the economy sucks, America is obviously losing on the world stage on a number of fronts, and BO's constant scolding only really resonates with the 20% core Democrat zombies.

So "magic" sells better than "scolding" ... and certainly better than "4 more years" (Hillary), or "Something like the congress you see in the presidency (Rubio).

My hope at this point is for Cruz who DOES have some real plans -- but BOTH the MSM and the Republican establishment hate him, and he isn't Trump!

Cruz vs Sanders would give America the most choice we have had in a long time -- but I'm starting to think it will be Trump / Sanders ... dueling sorcerers!

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