Saturday, March 05, 2016

Black Minister For Trump

Why some African-American evangelicals are playing the Trump card - CBS News:

If Pastor Mark Burns was Cindy Sheehan, he would be on every news outlet in America 24x7!

Burns is a Black Evangelical Minister that is a supporter of Trump. Talk about a "Profile In Courage"! I hope he has bodyguards! Democrats "evolved" after Jim Crow from treating blacks as subhuman slaves to treating them as subhuman house pets that can't have any opinion but that of their masters. Blacks that have an opinion of their own are "not really black". Diversity of thought has never been something TP ("The Party-D) was in favor of!

Pastor Burns understands abortion very well -- it remains to be seen what Trump will actually DO relative to abortion, but is that REALLY any different from any other politician? We had 8 years of Reagan and 8 years of W -- abortion survived both of them, but 10's of millions of babies, many of them black, did not!

""The whole abortion deal is targeted to African-American women ... and gives them the option to destroy the next generation of future scientists, doctors, presidents, CEOs. It's the systematic destruction of, I believe, the next generation of African-Americans, led by the Democratic Party.""
Interesting read -- **IF** Trump was able to accomplish much of what he promises, a President Trump could be a wonderful thing for blacks. It would take very little for it to be better than a president BO has been!

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