Sunday, March 20, 2016

BS, Topless Incoherence

A topless woman interrupts Bernie Sanders’s rally. She was there to protest Donald Trump. - The Washington Post:

Tell me again why young women would find topless protest as an effective way to make political points?

I've watched a lot of cheerleaders, dance lines, prom marches, etc and by the time I was forty or so, my excessive appreciation of the female form had cooled enough to realize that "girls like to show off". Boys do too -- we are just slightly more physically indirect. We have games like football and basketball that allow the display of hand size. It took me until this political year to figure out why women went for the QB, receivers and running backs on the football team!

So she protests at the Sanders rally because she can't get into the Trump rally. This seems like as solid a statement on the intelligence and reasoning capability of the Democrat electorate as we are likely to get!

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