Sunday, March 27, 2016

David Brooks, Trump and Cruz Repulsive

David Brooks: I Have Spent The Last Week So Repulsed By Donald Trump, I Had Forgotten How Ugly Ted Cruz Could Be | Video | RealClearPolitics:

I know David Brooks lives on planet New York City where liberal PC law makes Muslim Sharia law look tolerant, but STILL, as the supposed token "conservative" for the NY Times, shouldn't he have to at least sniff the air of the real world on occasion?

So even the liberal rag "Vox" admits that Bill Clinton has a solid RAPE charge against him. We also know that he has flown on "The Lolita Express". Slick Wille treated women around him including those employed in the White House as "free hookers". Brooks thinks Trump is "misogynistic" -- oh please! Brooks is the supposed "conservative" that went gaga over BO in '08 because he "liked the crease in his pants". Why is this person still showing up in print AT ALL??

Oh, bringing the wives into it? I'm certain that Brooks was all over the Kerry campaign tilt at "Laura Bush was a cocaine dealer" in Sept of '04. Yes, yes, I realize that it is usually Republicans taking the pounding on all negative fronts and getting off nearly nothing of commensurate sleaze in response, so yes, that **IS** new. "Fighting" has tended to be something that Republicans found FAR too "messy" to engage in, while Dems and the MSM rolled out important challenges like "Romney was a bully in High School" and making fun of pictures that included his black adopted granddaughter.

The usual level of Republican political warfare is "we accept your heartfelt apology" after their guts are lying on the floor!

As I said and as everyone says, the reason we have terrorism is not because the Prophet Mohammed came down and not because there is a religion called Islam.
Uh, David, not even MUSLIMS say "The Prophet Mohammed came down". No, he was definitely only human and a violent one who loved hacking off heads and with a taste for girls less than 10 years of age at that! Islam is clearly "the religion of peace", which is the reason that it has been so damned PEACEFUL around the middle east since the time of Mohammad!

The reason we have terror is that young men are alienated and feel they can wage war and a just war against societies that are racist and xenophobic and crushing toward them.
"Alienated young men" are not new, and they are ESPECIALLY not new in Muslim society, which is the reason that Islam specifies that if you die killing "infidels", you get 72 virgins in paradise, while you can't find a single one here because your religion  allows the rich guys to have as many wives as they want.  Islam calls that a FEATURE not a bug!

So yes, they can wage "just war" against any society that isn't Muslim under Sharia Law ... always have been able to and always will! THE PROBLEM is that we are NOT "crushing" toward them -- in general we are inviting them to come on over in huge numbers to Europe and the US where they can rape our women and blow up infidels to their hearts content! They don't care AT ALL if we are "xenophobic" or not -- we are "infidels", or in terms that maybe Brooks can understand, "Targets!!!!".
Yes, that’s the first thing I was going to say. Are we really here? Is this really happening? Is this America? Are we a great country talking about trying to straddle the world and create opportunity in this country?
60 million dead from abortion and Planned Parenthood selling baby parts over wine and salad and Brooks is gibbering about "straddling the world"? When was that? When Teddy Roosevelt was president? We are a DECLINING has-been nation that Russia, Iraq, China, Cuba and even North Korea have less respect for than Brooks does for Trump or Cruz, the only possible nominees for the only party REMOTELY conservative in this borderless disaster that leads in killing the unborn and how many genders you can dream up and swap around for "pleasure".  "Opportunity"? What is that? "Opportunity" to pay more taxes or to live off the taxes of others?

Guess which kind of "opportunity" is growing and which isn't!!!!

Yes, we are really "here" -- which is now thanks to guys like Brooks and BO, is not "America", but BOistan!

Yes, it IS repulsive. VERY!

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