Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dilbert, Trump, Women

You go off and look at the link, you will see some words from Scott Adams, creator of "Dilbert" linked to this video.

His view is that this will resonate far less with people than the creators of the video believe. His assumption is that America has had a bit too much of "feigned outrage" and that they really don't care to be manipulated anymore.

I'm wondering how many women there are that have never called a guy a "dick", or a "dork", or a many other remarks are "outraged"!  Likewise some sort of reference to "wrong time of the month" from males, "nice rack", or "IA farmers dream, flat as a board" or ... well, I'm pretty certain we ALL get the picture.

Back when Slick Willie was staining the oval office and James Carville was saying things relative to Paula Jones like  "Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find." and "Elections are about fucking your enemies. Winning is about fucking your friends.", crudeness wasn't much of an issue.

As I covered here, yes, Trump is crude and part of that crudeness applies to quotes about women.

The issue comes down to how solidly the powers that be can keep the sheeple operating as they want them to. It is very close to looking like the Republican Establishment has failed, and the left is definitely getting worried -- the WaPo thinks maybe the next election may have to be invalidated! So much for "democracy".

The fact is that the culture has gotten a LOT cruder since Slick was getting "serviced" in the Oval Office, but at the same time it has gotten a lot more falsely Politically Correct. Higher and higher levels of false public standards on thousands of year old dichotomies between the sexes are puritanically pantomimed in public, but in private, little has changed.

In private, men and men, women and women, and often both together make statements very much in line with Trump -- sure, not always the SAME exact utterance or profanity, but they damned well know what they are getting at!

So in the late '90s, "The Party"(TP) and it's media arm proved to us that the sheeple could be manipulated to allow the president to get away with blow jobs at the office with an employee -- something that would NOT be allowed in any place of business in the US, even McDonalds, with "consensual" having nothing to do with it!

The Ad above assumes that people can now be manipulated to find comments by a candidate that they themselves likely use, have used, or have heard from their friends relative to their own or opposite sex, to be offensive enough to disqualify that candidate. Strangely, the candidate is running against the wife who used all means possible to demean and discount women that were providing sexual services to her husband in the late '90s.

I've given up trying to determine how the fickle and shallow American public will be affected by various media and political candidate manipulations. I pretty much just sit back and watch -- in my view, we walked off the cliff with BO, so a lot of this election is just enjoying the fall.

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