Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres, Gender, Get the Kids

Ellen DeGeneres' new GapKids line is an example of her brand relevance - Fortune:

On the way up yesterday I heard a story on MPR (or maybe it was WI Public Radio) on "gender neutral clothing for children".  The bottom line was that young parents these days are "sensitive" to dressing their children in clothing that might indicate gender, since they want it to be clear that they will support whatever gender their child turns out to be.

One of the leaders in this area is Ellen DeGeneres who received high praise on the show. I could not find the show, but I found the linked article which includes ...

"Yet despite all this, her personal brand remains authentic, says Ian Stephens, a managing partner at brand consultancy Saffron. And Ellen Show viewers seem to agree: According to a Nielsen report, she is 35% more likeable than the average talk show host, more than twice as likely to be considered both a trendsetter and funny, and 90% more likely to be considered a role model."
As I've covered many times, "progressive" requires that there ALWAYS be a new frontier of "progress",  so todays "liberals" are quite possibly tomorrows "reactionaries".

It seems like they are heard at work making early age gender changes become one of the "important issues" going forward.

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