Sunday, March 20, 2016

Finkeilkraut, France Moving Trump?

The following from the NY Times on a French philosopher,  Alain Finkielkraut. Love the name, reminds me of Charles Krauthammer.

Before and after the attacks, those themes have not varied: Much of Islam is radically incompatible with French culture and society; Muslim immigrants represent a threat; French schools are crumbling under a mistaken multicultural outreach; the inherited corpus of French culture is in danger; and anti-Semitism is on the rise again, this time by way of Islam.
Many of the 2015 attackers were French. “Hatred of France is present in France,” Mr. Finkielkraut said in a recent interview. “What the attacks proved is that we have a redoubtable and determined enemy.”
Does anyone need to think more than a second looking at this to wonder how this is not so? How about people that fly Confederate Flags? Is the US not dead set against them? White supremacists? Nazis? The demonstrators from the Westboro Baptist Church? 

We could go on, but it really isn't hard to find people that any societies "anti-bodies" rise up in rejection. Right now, lots of folks on the left, and even right are having that reaction to Trump. 

If a Confederate Flag is a "threat", how can it be that Muslims, who force women to wear coverings, support child marriage, polygamy, stoning gays, etc are not? 

Should it make us feel better or worse that the same cognitive dissonance is active in France? Remember how raptly attentive our media once was when the French opposed W in Iraq? 

Hatred of the US in the US has been alive and well since the 1960's at least. It is almost a requirement on college campuses, and rife in the media when a Republican is in the presidency. 

When BO ran for president, his associations with his virulently anti-American pastor, Jeremiah Wright ("God DAMN America!") ,  bomber Bill Ayers, and members of the Black Panthers were downplayed by the MSM and considered a matter of no importance. Trump desiring his supporters to stand up and defend their right to assemble and not be intimidated are considered "incitement to violence".  Nearly nothing is said about those seeking to disrupt Trump rallies. 

We live in strange times -- perhaps our media only finds France praiseworthy as long as they are in their cheese eating surrender-monkey pose? 

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