Monday, March 21, 2016

Geezer Votes Matter

Watching the economic crackup of the grand Ponzi Scheme of FICA and all the other "buy people's votes with promises of better benefits when they are dead" debacle is as unexpected as hearing about a drunk getting another DUI, the government running a deficit, or the sun rising in the morning.
“It’s a perfect storm of sudden increases in longevity, combined with the global financial crisis, combined with the greater voting power of older generations,” said Liz Emerson, co-founder of the Intergenerational Foundation, a London-based think tank that argues the political clout of seniors—an age group with high voting turnout—has damaged the interests of the young.
We have seen this coming for at least 40 years -- really since it was created in the 1930's. 2/3 of people were supposed to die before they got benefits, the population was supposed to always grow (more people paying in) and the economy was always supposed to grow. All three of the assumptions are wrong now -- the first HUGELY, the send significantly, and the third sometimes a little true, but WAY slower than would have been imagined.

But the old vote -- so like blacks, their VOTES matter!

“We are redistributing income within the family,” said Frank Field,who heads a British parliamentary panel that in January announced an inquiry into the issue of intergenerational fairness. “It isn’t fair and it isn’t sustainable.”

Except popular government is NEVER about "fairness" -- it is either about voting for things that cause the economy to expand which some people want because they think they will succeed and do better than others, OR, it is about dominant political parties buying votes to gain more and more power with no concern for anything other than the vote buyers winning.

The fact that BOTH the right establishment and the left establishment hate Cruz the worst and Trump the 2nd worst shows what the vote buyers on  BOTH sides are thinking!

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