Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Getting Small, Trump, BO, Hildebeast

Can people write and read such articles and not see the obvious??

  1. Trump has a Clinton-sized victim’s complex -- OK. How about BO? How many times have we heard him complain about Fox News, Talk Radio, Tea Party, racial animus, etc. W really was a victim of constant media pounding -- I'm just not sure I ever heard him say it 
  2. President Trump would seek to shield himself against criticism -- Uh, yeah? How about Hildebeasts "vast right wing conspiracy"? BO has brought up "the fairness doctrine" more that once. Have we EVER had a President that DID NOT seek to shield themselves from criticism? Maybe Reagan, but I'm sure he didn't love it either! 
  3. Trump’s policies are neither left nor right—nor even center -- and that is a BAD thing? I thought that the media was all bent our of shape about "ideology"? Sanders is clearly a populist, is THAT bad? 
  4. Racial issues are a blind spot—at best -- This is based on Trumps unwillingness to buy into the "Black Lives Matter" narrative of racially biased policing. According to WSJ "Black officers make up just 12% of all local police officers, the survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics showed. The overall U.S. black population is 13.2%, according to estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau." Wow, they are under-represented in police forces by a whopping 1.2%. I understand that the D candidates have no choice but to parrot the BLM narrative, but seriously? We are ALL suppose to? 
  5. Trump struggles with the truth -- and? Are they buying that Hildebeast has never told a lie? Did BO both end the war in Iraq and NOT end the war in Iraq? If we like our country, will Trump let us keep it? Can anyone write on something like this directed at a single politician and ever be believed again? I don't think so. 
  6. Trump may be the most insecure person in politics, which is saying something -- Do they have a meter or something? You mean less secure than Hillary named after Sir Edmund who climbed Mt Everest after she was born? Who landed in Bosnia under sniper fire (she didn't), who tried to join the Marines (she didn't) who was hounded by "the vast right wing conspiracy"? ... or BO, the man with no history prior to Harvard. With "composite white girlfriends", who wrote two auto-biographies prior to turning 50 ...  How exactly does one rate insecurity, "struggles with the truth", narcissism, etc in our leaders? Absolutely BO and Hildebeast are world class schmucks, but we have gotten the time to get to know them WAY better than we would have liked. 
So the Atlantic comes to the conclusion that Trump is a "small man" -- with a thinly veiled reference to his penis size. Classy. We may yet survive BO -- pretty much the definition of a clinically narcissistic limp wristed wuss. I understand that the Atlantic is just a partisan rag, but REALLY? They seriously think that ANYONE compares Hildebeast, the wicked witch of the west without the good looks to be in any way a "larger person"? She fails the "person" part for Gods sake!  Have you ever seen her try to fake a humanoid emotion? It is a sad spectacle! 

We are a small small nation with a microscopic media outlook. 

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