Sunday, March 06, 2016

Going Medieval, Let Them Burn Wood!

Climate Alarmism versus Energy Reality:

Not a bad article mostly covering old ground on the questionable nature of the whole warmist industry -- who it hurts (common people), who it benefits (folks like Al Gore, government bureaucracies, etc), how much it costs, how there is no way to square rapid growth in electrical demand with wind and solar. I covered the fact that in the US, solar can be counted for only 8% of maximum power need and wind for only 14% -- so there MUST be HUGE  "backup" generation for night, cloudy and or calm days!

The new news was the UK has shifted power plants over from coal to WOOD! Yes, it is REALLY true -- it HAS to be, it is covered in the NY Times, they wouldn't lie would they?

The incoherence of the policies spawned by the U.N.’s earlier Kyoto climate accord is increasingly undeniable. Germany is subsidizing the construction of coal-fired power plants as necessary backups to renewables, and Britain is burning wood imported from the United States to generate electricity on a massive scale. Renamed “biomass” and declared “carbon neutral,” wood is no less polluting than coal. Headlines in the Daily Mail excoriate the retrofit of Britain’s largest coal plant to burn wood as a “forest-destroying symbol of the shameful absurdity of European energy policies.”
"Progressivism" displaying it's true result as "regressivism" -- we once advanced forward from wood and wind to coal, gas and even nuclear, and now we are regressing back to ancient times. Wicca is even the fastest growing "religion" in N America!

When "liberals" claim that conservatives want to "turn back the clock", they are a very very black pot casting aspersions on the color of the kettle -- "liberalism" is an bullet train back to living in caves with no power!

They are going all medieval on us! ... although, perhaps is in may cases of "liberal thought" (the worlds greatest oxymoron), they should just reconsider a bit!

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