Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Hillary, Jesus, Lying

Hillary has never lied and she never will. She is on tape saying that is true. If you believe her, you should vote for her, she is the only human to accomplish that feat since Jesus. If you don't believe her, then she is clearly delusional and/or a compulsive liar and under no circumstances should she serve in any leadership capacity whatsoever, let alone president.

I don't buy the George Washington and Honest Abe never told a lie myth, but AFAIK, neither personally made that claim, so there is a "ghost of a chance".

Is it possible to have greater hubris and than this? Outside of Lucifer himself, I don't believe that I've ever seen this level of mendacity.

Politicians, certainly including Donald Trump say all manner of things that they either know to be untrue when they say them, or simply turn out to be untrue as events come to light. But never having lied or never going to lie? We are in Jimmuh Carter delusion territory here -- although he did at least "lust in his heart" and defended himself from "murderous rabbits" ala Monty Python.

If only Hilly was  a harmless bunny -- although having grown up in the 60's, and now applying the image of "Bunny" to Hillary, I'm afraid I can't unsee it! EEEEEEEK !!!!!!

Maybe this will suffice ...

Hmm ... mayhaps my neural connections have gone a little out of bounds for this nice warm MN March PM!

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