Monday, March 21, 2016

I Don't Care About BO Nominations

The Supreme Court and the Hypocrisy of the Left | Power Line:

I haven't written about the BO nomination of Garland for SCOTUS because I could care less about anything BO does anymore, and I hope the Republicans can manage to play hardball politics for a change. Would I have played it this way? No, but they did, so now they better follow through!

I did learn one thing from the linked PL column:
Let’s not forget that Bork had been approved unanimously by the Senate for the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. So much for that Garland talking point.
We are WAY into the age of incivility and NO RULES! The Bork nomination was a great milepost on the slide to destruction. The fact is, if you are partnered with a bad actor and want to survive, you HAVE to play "Tit for Tat" according to game theory and the Bible ("an eye for an eye") as the article mentions.

It's not a bad column, but I really don't care much about BO or Democrats at this point of the after America experience. Let the dictators talk in Cuba. Sounds like BO came out looking limp wristed in the dictator summit as well.

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